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Straight Pool

******** IMPORTANT NOTICE ******7/9/2020***

BCAPL new sanction year calendar changes.See Link below



Straight Pool to Start Date??

As we all know, bars in Houston are back to closing per our Texas Governor’s order. It doesn’t look like they will be open soon. So we have to wait till next month to re-assess the situation.

Stay safe and wash your hands!

New Rule:

  • League Dues: I will accept payment of $50 or more(4 installments of $50, 2-$100, or 1-$200). I will accept electronic money transfer, like Chase Quickpay with Zelle. Please bring your first payment in the first or second week.
  • Makeup match limit: 3 per season. Automatic forfeit after reaching limit. Pre-play is not count as a makeup match. Player will have 2 weeks from the original match date to complete the makeup match. Please keep in mind that your opponent has the right NOT to play the makeup, then you will get a forfeit.
  • Late starts: Our Start time is 7:30. If you are going to be late, you must notify your opponent before 7:30. If you know you’re going to be late ahead of time, let your opponent know asap. Grace period for ‘late start’ is 30 min. After that, there are 3 options: 1) Schedule time to complete the match the same night if your opponent will wait for you to play. 2) Schedule time for a makeup match some other night. 3) If no agreement from your opponent, match will be a forfeit.
  • Long games-especially those late start matches: I’d like to go home no later than 11:30, and lock up the balls. If you have a long match and still not finished by 11:30, you can either play with the house balls or have your own set of balls.

Make-up match reminder:


Player contact list

weekly statistics

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HOW Straight Pool High Run is awarded

Here is how it works:

For NEW players just joined for the first time:

First three weeks, your highest run will be your base HR to start. From the 4th week on, every time you break your HR record, you will earn 1 point, and have a new HR record. Every time you break your HR record again, you'll earn a point and a new HR record. Each player can only earn one point a week even if you break the record twice the same match.

At the end of the season, (I hope everyone will have at least a point or more), each point will be awarded with prize money.

For players who already have HR record from passed season:

You will use that HR record going forward.


So how much is a point? There will be an amount set aside for this award. The value for each point is equal to the amount divided by the total number of points earned by all the players at the end of the season. If the amount is $100, and the total number of points is 10, point worth $10($100 div by 10). If the total is 20, then each point will worth $5. The more points you earn, the more money you'll be awarded.



For this season the HR point amount is set at $150.

(However, the Maximum value of each HR point is limit to $15)


At Least two players with the best High Runs of the season will also be awarded   




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