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straight pool by-laws
(league by-laws supersede BCA rules)

League Officers:
President: Karen Tippey
Secretary: Bernard Chang

Player Committee:
Player committee consists of the President, Secretary and all Players.
Its purpose is to schedule meetings, arbitrate disputes and interpret rules.
There will be regular and special meetings.
At meetings, the members present will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

BCA Pool League Sanction Fee:
BCA Pool League membership is required at a one-time per year cost of $15.00. For BCA Pool League and league records, names, addresses, and social security numbers of each player must be provided.

The league operates on a Summer and Winter Season.

Both season are cash league and playing 8 weeks will qualify the player to participate in the BCA Pool League National 8-Ball Championships in May in Las Vegas.

Dues are payable on nights of play(no checks).
Dues will be $10.00 per week per person.

Dues allocated as follows:

  $8.00 Prize Fund
  $1.00 Green fee
  $0.50 Secretary Fee
  $0.50 Trophies & Party
$10.00 Total


Each player will be ranked by the ranking committee(4-6 players selected) at the beginning of the season. The handicap points for each player for the match as well as the length of the match is determined by the Handicap table . Upon request from the player and with the approval of the ranking committee, a player's ranking can be adjusted up or down during a season as needed.

Staring Time:
Play will start no later then 7:30 p.m. You can arrange with you opponent to start early.

Standings are based on Matches Won, then Diff, then HR if needed. Diff is the difference in points between you and your opponents. HR is your best High Run.

In the event a player is unable to play a scheduled match, the league will allow a match to be made up as long as the match is played within a two week period. If a player knows in advance he/she will be unable to play (due to vacation, etc.), we would STRONGLY encourage that the scheduled match be preplayed to avoid delayed make-up matches. Once a make-up match is played, the scores MUST be reported the NEXT DAY to either league director.

If a player is unable to play on a scheduled night AND his/her opponent cannot agree on a make-up night within a reasonable time frame (absolutely no more than two weeks), he/she would be given a loss of the match. The opponent would be given a win with no point, no Diff or HR.

In the event there are an uneven number of players in any given season, each player will receive a "Bye" during the course of the season. "Byes" are considered wins, with no point, no Diff or HR. Players are responsible for paying dues for "Bye" weeks.

Should a player forfeit a match, total dues must be paid. Should a player forfeit two consecutive weeks during a season schedule, he/she may be dropped for the remainder of the season and any awards are forfeited.

In the event two or more players quit the league after the start of the season, the schedule of the matches may be re-done at the discretion of the league director.


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