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scotch doubles by-laws
(league by-laws supersede BCA rules)

League Officers:
President: Karen Tippey
Secretary: Bernard Chang

BCA Pool League Sanction Fee:
BCA Pool League membership is required at a one-time per year cost of $15.00. For BCA Pool League and league records, names, and addresses of each player must be provided.

The league operates on a Summer and Winter Season.
At the end of the season, all teams receive prize money based on final standings. Cash awards of $10 given for each B&R and 10&0.

Weekly Dues:
Dues will be $10.00 per week per person(including BYE weeks), payable on nights of play.
Dues allocated as follows:

  • $8.00 Prize Fund
  • $ 1.00 Green Fee
  • $ 0.50 Secretary Fee
  • $ 0.50 End of Season Party, prize fund, etc
  • $10.00 Total

Season will start with every team playing scratch for the first two weeks. Accumulated average starts the third week.
Flip for first break. Winner of flip may choose whether to break first or last.
Alternating break.
Alternate shots by team members during a game.

Tie Score:
In the event of a tie (in both score and games won), one "sudden death" game will be played. The score for this 'sudden death" game will not be included in the total, as it is played only to determine the winner.

One time-out per game for "coaching" can be called by either team member at any time.

Staring Time:
Play will start 7:30 p.m. Players absent without notifying one of the league officers will forfeit the match.


  • A total of 10 games will constitute a match.
  • Standing position of teams shall be based on matches WON-LOST, then number of games WON-LOST, then team average.
  • It is not necessary to call time out to inquire whose turn it is to shoot.
  • Substitutes may be allowed only in emergency situations, with the approval of the League Directors.
  • Should a team lose a member, a replacement player will be allowed, as long as the newly formed team is equal in ability and will not create an imbalance toward the other teams.
  • In the event one or both team members are unable to play a scheduled match, the league will allow a match to be made up as long as the match is played within a two week period. If a team knows in advance they will be unable to play (due to vacation, etc.), we would STRONGLY encourage that the scheduled match be preplayed to avoid delayed make-up matches. Once a make-up match is played, the scores MUST be reported the NEXT DAY to either League Director.
  • If a team is unable to play on a scheduled night AND their opponents cannot agree on a make-up night within a reasonable time frame (absolutely no more than two weeks), they would be given a loss of the match with 0 games won and their average as total points. Their opponent would be given a win with 7 games won and their average as total points.
  • In the event there are an uneven number of teams in any given season, each team will receive a "Bye" during the course of the season. "Byes" are considered wins, with 7 games and their average as total points; therefore, teams ARE responsible for paying dues for "Bye" weeks.
  • Should a team forfeit a match, total dues from that team must be paid. Should a team forfeit two consecutive weeks during a season schedule, that team will be dropped for the remainder of the season and any awards are forfeited.

General Rules of Foul:

  • All fouls not so stated within the rules set by the BCA shall be determined by one of the League Directors, and that ruling shall be final.
  • Cue ball fouls only.
  • Illegal coaching.
  • If a team shoots out of rotation, it is a foul.
  • Should a foul be committed during the opponent's turn at the table, either team member may call the foul.
  • Placing markers or any device on any part of the table surface.
  • Distraction, interference or disruption of a player while shooting.
  • Pushing on bed cloth, bumping the table, slapping the table in a manner that could possibly affect the direction of the balls on the table surface.
  • Cue ball shot or touched in any way other than by the tip of the cue stick.
  • If a player fails to yield to a foul called by his opponent or if he ignores a requested delay in order to call in a referee to judge a shot.


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