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Mixed Team Stats



Please join us on Sunday, August 29th for an End of Season get-together at Slick Willies starting at 12:00.

The league will provide pizza and will distribute all prize monies based on standings, as well as money for individual achievements.

Should anyone wish to organize any tournaments, we invite those interested to stay and play.

Thanks to all of you for 30+ years of enjoyment as the Houston 8-Ball League retires its name, and Bernard and I retire as League Operators.

We sincerely hope that the league will continue intact and stay strong under a new name and new management.

Karen Tippey




See LMS for Detail

This will be Houston 8 Ball League last season

We are retiring our league after this season.

See Detail

New League Operator?


There are a couple of individuals who have shown a strong desire to be the future League Operator to carry our league forward. They have provided some information to show what they will do for the league, their background to the league, their feeling about our league…etc. We would like to post their information for every team, captains and players for review. Since Karen and I do not feel we should be the ones to make the choice, we will have a vote sometimes in the near future(TBA) to make the choice. Every player will have their vote. Voting detail coming soon.




Cippy Estrada


Hello to all Houston 8-Ball League members. I want to introduce myself to the league which who all may know me already.  My name is Cippy Estrada with the Houston Lonestar BCA 191. I've been a league director for over 20 years along with my partner Diane Dittmar. We have been running a traveling Vegas/ cash league in the Northwest Houston area. I'm interested in being the next successor after both Karen & Bernard steps down. IMO this is the strongest league in Houston as well as the best organized ran league for over 30 years. If I'm voted to run this league by the players, I WOULDN'T CHANGE ANYTHING to this well ran league. If has been successful without any issues. Why change anything.  But I would like to add 2 awards to the top male & female player. We will call it the Benard Chang & Karen Tippett award. The league money also will be transparent for all to see. If any issues or requests required, it will be voted in the beginning of each session in the captain's meeting. All layouts to this league will be grandfather from Houston 8-Ball League. Also to insure the players, both Diane and I work for a living still. Diane owns her own company for over 30 years and I work for at&t for 23. If anybody wants to ask both Diane and I any questions our email is Hlonestar191@yahoo.com. But lastly let's not forget to give a HUGE applause to both Karen & Bernard for running the Houston 8-Ball League.




Sam Prasad


League captains:

Like many of you, I was saddened when I heard Karen and Bernard decided this season to be their last as our league operators.  As I’ve been part of this league since 2004, and knowing many players since 1988, I am interested in becoming your next league operator and am up to the task of filling Karen and Bernard’s shoes. The trust and credibility they built for this league are unmatched in other leagues, and I will commit myself to continuing operations as they would have.


Here is what I will commit to:

  • I will continue to run the league for the teams and players. So we’ll continue with a similar format, scheduling, and above all, payouts.  Things out of our control will be addressed real time, such as changes in green fees, tournament entries, etc.
  • I will always welcome your feedback and input. You can expect to be involved as you were before, and as some of you know, I’m always open to hearing new ideas to make things better.
  • I will be actively involved every week as this league will be my sole and only focus.  There won’t be any other leagues that will compete for my time.
  • So that we have 2 people involved, Mark Litchen has agreed to help with league operations. He’s also a retired accountant which will help with league finances. His involvement then gives us 2 coordinators who will be both playing and running your league weekly.


I hope to become your league operator and continue what Karen and Bernard built. I’m happy to talk through any of this so please call or text me any time.








******Covid-19 Awareness******

PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL TEAM MEMBERS. . . . Should you, or any family member with whom you are in contact, test positive for Covid, it is imperative that we be notified immediately in order to inform those players who may have been infected.  We do not want to shut the league down again, so the sooner we are informed of anyone testing positive the better.

$$$$$$ To Team Captains . . . On Sanctioning fee $$$$$$

All players are required to be sanctioned to play in BCA Pool League, even if it is just for one night(as a sub). Each Team are responsible for the sanction fee($20/player/year) of all the players on the team, and Team captains are responsible for collection all sanction fee of his/her team.


Schedule is ready and Posted

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