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Mixed team by-laws

(league by-laws supersede BCAPL rules)

 League Officers:

President: Karen Tippey

Secretary:Bernard Chang


Player Committee:

Player committee consists of the President, Secretary and all Team Captains.

Its purpose is to schedule meetings, arbitrate disputes and interpret rules.

There will be regular and special meetings.

At meetings, the members present will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Each team is allowed one vote.


BCA Pool League Sanction Fee:

BCA Pool League membership is required at a one-time per year cost of $15.00. For BCA Pool League and league records, names, and addresses of each player must be provided.



The league operates on a Summer and Winter Season.

Summer is a cash league and teams receive prize money based on final standings.

Winter's main prize is a trip to Las Vegas to participate in the BCA Pool League National 8-Ball Championships.

Number of teams sent will be based on the number of teams participating. At least the top three finishing teams will have their airfare, four hotel nights and entry fee paid. In the event a team is required to play in the Division other than the Gold Division, the league will pay only the amount of the Gold Division entry fee, and the team will pay the balance of the entry fee.

A new team formed with at least 2 players from the previous season does qualify for the National tournament.

 Any remaining prize monies will be distributed among the balance of the teams. If for any reason, a team(say Team A) which qualified to play in the National Tournament should decide not to represent Houston 8-Ball League, the next qualified team(say Team B) will go instead. Team A will take Team B's team position as well as the prize monies.

*** Note*** Starting 2019, due to the date change in the National tournament, Summer season will be our Vegas season, and Winter season will be our cash season.  

Vegas Trip Rules:

The primary prize in our Winter season is to send as many teams to Vegas as possible. Prize money paid to those teams who win trips is intended solely for the purpose of sending the best possible representation of our league to the National tournament.

 If a team wins a trip, they are allowed money for airfare, hotel and the league pays their entry fee. That team MUST be comprised of at least three original team members and any other players from the league who have qualified by playing at least 8 weeks during the season. If these qualifications cannot be met, the trip is forfeited and awarded to the next qualified playoff finisher. Any money paid MUST be returned to the league. The forfeiting team will receive the prize money due the replacement team. If the trip money is not returned, that team will not be allowed to play for the next season.



Dues are payable on nights of play(no checks).

Dues will be $15.00 per week for regular player.

All players, regular or substitutes, will be required to pay the $15.00 BCA Pool League sanction fee payable once a year.

 Any team short of dues because of forfeits or non-payment will have the shortage deducted from their prize money at the end of the season. Team without forfeits will not be penalized for another team's shortage.

Team captains are responsible for collecting weekly dues and turning them in to the secretary.

Dues allocated as follows:

$12.50 Prize Fund

$1.00 Green Fee

$1.00 Secretary Fee

$0.50 Trophies & Party

$15.00 Total


Handicap by FargoRate:

Our League uses CSI LMS(League Management System).

Handicaps are determined by using the BCA League Handicap Calculator.(see link to Handicap Calculator).

Every player must have a Fargo Rating. New players without a Fargo Rating will use the starting default(Man-525, Women-425). League officials will also have the rights to assign the starting Fargo Rating based on the player’s known ability.

Player must be sanctioned by BCAPL to play in our league. Non-sanctioned player’s score will not be entered into LMS.

Missing player:

If you are missing a player and not able to find a sub, you will have to name a player as the missing player in order to use the Handicap Calculator. The missing player will score all zeros for the 5 games. The opponents of the missing player will score 10s.(WF-Win by Forfeit).

Each team must have at least three(3)players from  the team roster in order to play the match. If not, the team will be given a forfeit, and all 5 players will score zeros. The opponent players will score 10s.  Both team captains are to provide the 5 player’s name from each team. If names are not provided, 5 names will be selected by the league officials.

Team Fargo Limits:

There will be no limit to the Team Fargo total for a match. However no player with Fargo Rating of over 720 is allowed.



Tie Score:

In case of a tie score, the win will be awarded to the team having the most number of winning games.

When a mistake on the score is discovered during the processing of the data to be posted, the league directors will make the corrections and notify the captains of the teams about the mistake made. 

Individual Standings:

Top ten individual standings will be determined on a percentage basis (games won / total games played). In order to qualify, a player must play 70% of eligible games. In case of ties, the player's average(carried to one decimal) will be the determining factor.


Coaching (Time out):

On any one turn, a player may ask for coaching from one member of his team only(The person coaching does not have to be playing that night). Each player of the game is allowed one time out, per game. Each time out should be restricted to a reasonable amount of time.


Staring Time:

Play will start no later then 8:15 p.m. Players absent will be allowed to make up the first two rounds if he/she arrives before the beginning of the third round. A player arriving after the beginning of the third round will be allowed to play the remainder of games and 0 will be given for the games missed.




No new teams will be accepted after schedules have been set except to replace one that has dropped out.

Team captains are responsible for verifying score sheets and refereeing any disputed games.

Any team forfeiting two weeks in a row will be dropped and replaced. The new team must accept the existing scores.

Each team will be allotted one table for practice before start of league play, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

No gambling or practice are allowed during league play.

No new players may be added for the last 8 weeks of any season.


General Playoffs rules: See playoffs rule flyer for more details.

1. No Coaching

2. No Handicapping

3. Race to 8 until final five matches . . . then Race to 13.(in most cases)

4. A person may play in the Playoffs as long as that person has played at least 8 weeks on any team within the league during the current season.

5. Substitutions of any of your regular players are allowed at the top of any round (provided no two players meet more than once in the same match).

6. All teams will be seeded.

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